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Build and Grow Your Income as a Digital Concierge

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Participating requires an investment.

Not just money, but time as well. The amount of time is dependent on your current amount of knowledge, and the ambition you have for yourself, and your business.

In terms of money investments, we’re talking about two things:

1: A small one-time investment for the startup training and coaching during the first 3 months.

2: A monthly investment for the license for your region and the use of the names we work with. This second investment takes effect 3 months after you first join.

To lower the bar to join, we have a 30 day, money back guarantee.

Think this through before contacting us. Take your time to make a well informed decision.

Of course there are possibilities. These are the possibilities you will see as an entrepreneur. Namely, working on your own business. Helping regional business-owners with their websites, webshops, internet marketing, IT and social media, from your home. You work for yourself and you sell your own time for money. We call that selling hours for Euros.

When you make the little calculation, then it’ll be clear to you that your investment of the first 12 months can be earned back by selling your own hours for Euros. In the free starter package you will see examples.

Notice that the things you learn are applicable for the rest of your career. Ask yourself the question of how long will your career last? How many years do you think you’ll be able to use this knowledge in your business?

As the next step I invite you to contact the person who pointed you to this information. We can see if your region is still available. One region is an area of about 20 thousand people.

The person who pointed you to this information is your coach. Together you will create your 12 month plan.

We’re happy to have you come on board and assist you in building and growing your business.

Should you wish to contact us directly, then please e-mail with your question.

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